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List of Rules for Dunchurch & District Skittles League 2019/20


1. League Teams will consist of 9 players for men and 7 for ladies. Each player is to be registered with the League for at least 5 days before playing. One player per team is allowed to be between 14 and 17 years old, the rest must be 18+. The parent/guardian of a player under the age of 18, takes full responsibility for allowing them to play within the League.

2. Ladies and menís teams are to be called by the name of the pub/club that they represent.

3. The Team Captain is to be registered on the separate registration card that the Fixtures Secretary sends out in the March packages.

4. Registration of players will be accepted up to 2 weeks before the final League match in the respective menís/ladiesí leagues.

5. Transfers of players must be made in writing, with requests to be authorised by both team secretaries concerned and sent to the Fixtures Secretary with the sum of £3.00. Transfers will be accepted up to the end of November, after which all transfers are to be referred to the Committee, who reserve the right to reject.

6. A player must be registered for one team only. If found playing for another team, without a transfer having taken place as defined in Rule 5, then the team responsible will automatically lose points and legs of the games the offending player has played in. In the event of Cup matches, the opposition will be awarded the match.

7. Any team being unable to finish a seasonís fixtures will automatically have all their playing records removed from the League. If a team has completed one half of the season, these results will stand. All registration fees will be forfeited.


8. Any team wishing to postpone a League match, must give at least 6 days notice to the opposition. The Fixtures Secretary must be immediately notified of an agreed postponement. If the Fixtures Secretary is not informed of the postponement, the initiating team will lose 3 points and the match will be awarded to the opposition Ė 5-0 for men and 4-0 for ladies. It is in the Fixture Secretaries discretion to allow unavoidable postponements at less than 6 days notice without penalty, due to extreme and exceptional circumstances, and may refer to the Committee for a decision if necessary.

9. All re-arranged matches must be played within 6 weeks of the postponement. Matches postponed with less than 6 weeks before the final match of the season in the respective menís/ladiesí leagues are to be played before the final match.

10. Any team postponing a match to play in another league will automatically lose 3 points and the match will be awarded to the opposition Ė 5-0 for men/4-0 for ladies.

11. Knock Out Cup and Shield matches cannot be postponed to a later date. If a team withdraws from the Knock Out Cup first round, then that team will be disqualified from entering the Knock Out Shield.


12. The Captain, as registered with the League, is responsible for carrying out the draw on match night and signing the Result Card, regardless of whether the Captain plays in the match. Should the Captain not be present, then the acting Captain must be notified to the opposition prior to the commencement of the match and will take on the Captainís duties on the night.

13. All matches to commence at 8.30pm, and the Result Card to be filled in before play commences, using the players usual signatures, and printing their name. Players to be drawn by the 2 team Captains before the match commences, using players names or initials. Numbers must not be used. A referee to be appointed by the home team Captain before the match commences and notified to the opposition.

14. Any team failing to supply a full number of players at commencement of play, will automatically lose the legs of the defaulting players concerned. In the event of both teams having a shortage of players, the Captains will play off, only if the match ends in a draw on games. If the Captain is not present, then the acting Captain will take part in the play off. The legs in the Captainís play off will count towards the overall legs total.

15. A moving cheese or pin may only be stopped by the player throwing, or his team mate in the Woodyard. If any member of the opposition stops a moving cheese or pin, then the leg will be awarded to the player throwing.

16. After the match, the Result Card must be completed, with the result of the match being clearly stated on the card. The Result Card to be signed by both Captains and the referee, confirming the result is correct. This result will subsequently stand in all cases. The result card to be posted or delivered to the Fixture Secretaries address by the winning team. These to be received by no later than:

8.30am on the Saturday after the game for the ladies.

8.30am on the Monday after the game for the men.

Winning teams not complying with this rule will have 3 points deducted from their existing points total, with the legs being awarded as per the Result Card, unless no Results Card is received. Non-receipt of the Result Card will result in 3 points being deducted from the winning teams existing points and the games being awarded 5-4 men & 4-3 ladies.

Note:it is the winning teamís responsibility for the Result Card.

17. For League matches, 2 points will be awarded to the team that wins the most games. 1 point will be awarded to the team with the highest total number of legs from each individual game. In the case of a tie-on legs, there is no play off for the 1 point, so only 2 points are awarded for the win on games. If a team does not attend the League match venue, without having previously agreed a postponement with the opposition and the Fixtures Secretary, then 3 points will be awarded to the team in attendance.


18. A fixed oche 3ft square with a minimum height of 1.5 inches and 3ft down the sides, positioned 9ft from the inside of the oche to the shoulder of the front pin. Where a venue is unprepared to install a 3ft square oche, or it is impossible to fit one in the space provided for playing, then a fender will be accepted. The fender should be 3ft along the front with a minimum of 1ft down each side, minimum height 1.5 inches and positioned as stated previously. Players to stand inside the oche. Both the playerís feet must be inside the oche, and not use the oche as a platform for throwing.

19. In the event of a foul throw, which is either an oche offence or an overarm throw (defined as releasing the cheese from above shoulder height), the player involved forfeits the throw, and all the pins knocked down are to be respotted.

20. Following each throw, all pins should be laying down on their side to be counted as down. Pins knocked down by a cheese returning from the back of the table or net, will not be respotted.


21. All pairs competitions to be played under League Rules. All rounds are first to 5 legs, best of 3 games. All players entering the menís or ladiesí pairs competitions must be registered with the League. In the mixed pairs, only 1 player of the partnership needs to be a registered player. Both players must sign in on the night by their own name and register to the referee by 8pm and both must be present for the draw to determine the order of play. Players do not necessarily have to remain at the venue after the draw, but must be present to play when their match is due to commence. Failure to be present to play when required, will result in disqualification from the competition. Substitutions will be allowed in the first round, if they havenít played in or received a bye in a Preliminary Round. Dares and venues to be sent out to all team secretaries. All matches will be played on Friday nights and the order of play will be made on the night by the referees. No re-arrangement of matches will be allowed.

22. The Captains Cup competitions to be played under League Rules. All rounds and finals to be played first to 5 legs and the best of 3 games. Contestants entering the Captains Cup must be the Captain as registered with the slips of paper that the Fixtures Secretary sends out in the March packages. This is then played down to the final 4 players on the first night, who then go forward to semi-finals night.

Amendment - 2019

All ladies capts cup matches to be played on Monday nights. Each leagues capts to play one another.

23. The only matches to be held on Finals Night will be Pairs and Captains Cup. Any person unable to play will automatically forfeit the match. Order of play to be drawn on the night. All players to register with the referee by 8pm.


24. There are 2 League Secretaries Meetings a year, one in March and one on August. If the team Secretary cannot attend, a member of that team, as registered with the League may attend instead. Meetings to start at 8pm. A fine of £10.00 and 3 points deduction against any team not in attendance. No apologies will be accepted.


25. Officials and members forming the Committee to be elected at the AGM. All elected members to remain in office for 1 year apart from the Fixtures Secretary, who remains in office for 3 years. Committee to meet once a month. The committee has the right to co-opt members.

26. All complaints to be made in writing (letter or email) and sent to the League Secretary for reference and clearance by the Committee. Decisions by the Committee regarding resolution of any complaint to be final. A registered representative from the complaining team may attend a Committee Meeting upon written request.


27. Any requests for new rules and amendments, to be put in writing and sent to the League Secretary at least 14 days before the AGM. Proposed rule changes to make up part of the AGM agenda. Persons requesting amendment to the Rules must attend the AGM to propose the rule change. No rule changes will be made at the AGM if the proposer is not in attendance. The League Committee has no authority to create or amend existing rules without them having been passed at an AGM.

28. Any disputes not covered in the above Rules will be settled by the Committee, whose decision will be final. This rule refers to the Committee resolving disputes only within the existing Rules and not to create or amend existing Rules.


29. Winners cups/trophies to be returned in a clean state by the end of March of the following season, or there will be a charge of £10.00 incurred per cup/trophy. Fines must be paid within 14 days of the letter being received and 3 points will be deducted as well as the fine.

30. A minimum of 5 players per team must attend Presentation Night to collect their trophies. Failing to do so will result in no trophies being given out and could result in the team not being allowed to enter the League the following season.


31. Any team telephoning the Fixtures Secretaries home on League business after 9pm or at weekends will be deducted 3 points.



32. The league will not tolerate any fighting from any registered team/individual. Anyone found guilty of this offence will be reported to the committee, who will then decide on the appropriate punishment.


33. Any league player caught hassling/abusing any committee members, whilst they are playing league matches (ladies on Mondays/men on Wednesdays), refereeing cup matches, pairs, etc will be reported to the committee. The relevant team that they play for will then be deducted 3 points.


We have noticed that some of the above rules are now out of date. This is due to changes having been made to the way the following competitions are now run:Pairs, Captains Cup, Triples.The Committee are not allowed to make any changes/amendments to any rules, as these must be discussed at the AGM.

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