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Mixed Pairs Quarter Finals 7th February 2020

All pairs must be signed in by 8pm. Draws to be made on the night Any queries please contact Kay Beers on 024 7654 4524.

Venue Workers (Table 1) (By Bar)

Refs V Bedford/J Skitt

1 G Felton & H Felton

Lawford Arms A

3 N Lee & J Chalmers

Workers D

2 A Bray & V Bray

White Lion Brinklow

4 Cat Wilkinson & M Collier


Venue Workers (Table 2)

Refs J Beers

1 J Scales & P Ashwell


3 G Roberts & P Roberts

Workers D

2 H Morgan & K Pearcey

Webb Ellis B

4 T Partridge & P Hales

Red Lion Hillmorton B

Venue Hillmorton Ex (Table 1)

Refs M Muzyka/J Wakeman

1 Q Hannifin & A Pelling

Workers A

3 M Robotham & D Porter

Red Lion Hillmorton A

2 J Aldridge & K Dunn

Red Lion Hillmorton B

4 D Clarke & M Nichols

Workers A

Venue Hillmorton Ex (Table 2)

Refs K Beers

1 T Knowles & S Knowles

Crown B

3 D Harper & S Harper

Webb Ellis B

2 H Weekes & S Johnson

Workers D

4 Les Twynholm & S Twynholm

Red Lion Hillmorton A

Please Note:

Once first 2 games have been played, winners of each of these are to play one another. Winners of play off game will go through to Semis/Finals night.

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