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Firstly the committee would like to send their condolences to all those who have lost a loved one or friend throughout the pandemic.

After receiving emails/phone calls refering to what the leauge is proposing to do post pandemic , time has had to be taken to consider where to start on how the leauge can be re organised with health and safety of all players being top priority.

In order to do this the leauge has to know exactly who is happy to continue to play skittles and is the venues are open and accepting skittles teams in a safe enviroment.


I would greatful if these points could be responded to by Saturday the 21st of August 2021 with all responces sent to Kevskittles@hotmail.co.uk.

  1. Do you have a team to enter & pub/club to play at?
  2. Please state how many team members you have to enter as the leauge may have to consider changing the format?
  3. Would your skittles venue be happy to accommodate a suply of antibactirial gel/wipes in order to sanitise the table/skittle pins and cheeses before the game and after?
  4. The leauges to priority is to ensure the safety of all its members and we advise each individual member to take on personal responsibility if he/she greets other team members?  The leauge would be interested to hear your concers on this paticular subject.
  5. The leauge will be reviewing all aspects of the game including posting skittles cards , attending meetings and copertitions , and would like to consider your view on this.
Please note the leauge holds no responsibility for any individual player who contracts covid.

Fixtures secretary/Chairman
Kevin Pearcey

All items below have been decided upon, due to a letter that Kevin has received from the Houses of Parliament, after contacting Mark Pawsey (our local MP) for advice.

Secretaries meeting to be held on August 13th is now cancelled.

Jean Boxell Memorial Cup has been cancelled. All money already received for this competition will be paid to Myton Hospice once a date can be arranged.

Semis/Finals Night has been postponed. These will be held at the start of next season, on a date to be arranged with the Workers.

Summer League has been moved to Summer 2021. All teams/players who have already registered to play in this, will be able to enter for free next year, as this will be carried over.

Due to Presentation Night being cancelled, an announcement will be made as to when players will be able to collect their trophies, therefore please be patient.

Menís C/D League KO Cup have been postponed. These will be added to the start of next season, whenever it commences.

In due course, the Committee will be getting in touch with all the pubs/clubs, to find out what the situation would be regarding playing skittles, in line with the current regulations concerning Covid19

Please remember that any items placed/discussed on Social Media are done so without the Committees knowledge/consent.


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