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AGM to be held in june has now been postponed and will be amalgamated with the August Secretaries meeting (THIS IS STILL GOING AHEAD AS PLANNED)

Summer league has been moved to Summer 2021. All teams/players who have already registered to play in this will be able to enter for free next year, as this will be carried over.

All team regestrations for the 2020/2021season should of been sent to kevin by the 11.04.2020

Due to prestentation night being cancelled , an announcement will be made as to when players will be able to collect their trophies , but please be patient.

Semis/finals night is still going ahaead on Friday september the 18th , Any further changes will be announced on the website/emailed to those players taking part.

Jean Boxell Memorial Trophy is still going ahaead on Friday September the 25th , Any further changes will be announced on the website.

Menís C/D League KO Cup has been carried forward to the start of next season.


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