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Menís Pairs Ė 22nd November 2019

Triples Competitions

Please could everyone wishing to enter the Ladies/Menís charity triples competitions, return their forms to Kevin by the end of this week.

If your secretaries have lost the forms that were included in the packages, then just send Kevin an email stating how many teams/players wish to enter. At the moment, there hasnít been much response, which could see these competitions cancelled.

Ladies Over 60ís competition is now Friday 13th March not 28th February as per Important Dates List.

**There will be no Ladies Pairs on 15th November, Quarter Finals are now on 10th January**

Highest score Paul Ashwell 25 Crick Ex


It has come to our attention that on some occasions there have been some instances of over arm throwing, this is against the rules, please refer to rules 18/19

Also, a referee MUST be nominated before play commences by the home team, please refer ti rule 13

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